The HPSPRO Advantage

HPS plant light sources have a broad spectrum, high-output delivery, making the HPSPRO Series ideal for flowering. HPS sources also produce a vast amount of raw light intensity, enabling huge yields, especially when cultivating larger plants. In addition, HPS grow lights boast a high-efficacy of wattage used per lumens distributed, enhancing fixture life and giving you greater savings over time. The HPSPRO Series has a PPF of ≥1,900. PPF is important because it measures the total amount of light produced by a grow light, letting you know the full amount of light being emitted by your grow light. HPS lights release a reddish hue of light, allowing light delivered to exercise greater influence over positive plant response and supporting plants through productive growth phases. Through a high-efficacy aluminum ballast and reflector, you have ultimate control of intensity using dimmer switches.


Performance Data

A high-reflectance aluminum reflector provides an intensely focused beam, optimizing usable light energy for plants. Delivering up to 2 μmol/j, the HPSPRO Series is a step above the typical 1.5 to 1.7 μmol/j for top-efficiency HPS grow lights. Ballast efficiency of 93%; THD <10%; 10,000 hours lifetime. Available in 120V, 277V, and 347V. Horizontally mounted; supplied with mounting cables. High efficacy rating of 135 lumens per watt. Dimmable; Dry and Damp Location Rated; 3-year warranty for the housing and 1-year warranty for the lamp. ETL/CETL Listed.

HPS PRO 1000

  • WATTAGE 1000W
    INPUT POWER 120V | 277V | 347V
    FREQUENCY 50/60Hz
    CONTROL 6-Phase Dimming
    THD ≤10
    BTU OUTPUT 3,412 BTU’s/Hour
    START/WARM UP 5 Mins.
    LIFE TIME 10,000 Hours


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