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Powerful full-spectrum LED's for horticulture applications of all types.

Home of the best T5HO LED!

LED Grow Lights - Evolved


Our company believes in the merit of hard work, veracity and constant self-improvement. The LED lighting business has always excited us with it's challenge to stay sharp and innovate.

For 10 years, our family company has been painstakingly learning how to build great energy and horticulture projects of all types. We believe that full-spectrum, powerfully bright LED light is the future of the grow industry. We do this because we believe that the hard road to excellence in products is always the right path and that mediocre systems are unacceptable.

We only believe that high-intensity, high efficiency, proper cooling and industrial ‘drop it on the pavement’ build quality is the way forward with LED grow lights.

MKB started as a highly focused group of lighting representatives who specialize in LED installations and retrofits. At MKB, we save our client’s thousands of dollars in energy costs, all while providing them with improved lighting for their facilities and outstanding service. Through our upstream and downstream partners, we can get any type of LED we need to complete a project. Relationships and loyalty are of the upmost importance.